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As the staff prepares for the 4th Annual Pathways to a Sustainable Peace Project, we reflect on some of the past projects that have taken place in Leda. The video to the left features the staff and participants of the 1st Pathways to a Sustainable Peace Project. It explains some of the history of the Leda Settlement and why joining our projects are such beneficial experiences. Registration is open to join this year's project. See here!


Latest News

The Beautiful 2022 Leda Calendar Is Now Available!

Now accepting donations through this website or by mail for your copy of this year's calendar!

See our Blog Post for Details

Leda’s 2018 Special Campaign to buy a Boat

The remoteness of the Leda Settlement has been an advantage in keeping its environment pristine but for it to progress as a global model it needs to be more directly connected to metropolitan areas. The primary means of transportation in the Pantanal wetlands zone is by boat.  Currently, only slow and limited boat service is available and is no longer adequate. A purchase of a new ferry boat for the transportation of food and passengers is essential for the settlements successful development






Pathways to a Sustainable Future Programs provide experiences in seeing how communities struggle to develop in a healthy and sustainable way. Volunteers will learn how to implement creative approaches to hunger eradication and will be able to appreciate how these approaches are often linked to traditional wisdom.  


Making new friendships with people from different cultures and backgrounds is part of the program experience and often is what program alumni remember best.  If you would like to overcome barriers of distrust and misunderstanding and replace them with relationships of concern and cooperation, please consider sharing this experience with us.


Join us and become someone who can truly make a difference!

Leda Settlement


The Leda Settlement that began in 1999 has striven to become a model for community cooperation through its efforts at hunger eradication, and through the promotion of eco-tourism and sustainable development. 

Project Photos


We make a special point of documenting our time in Paraguay and the communties there. Our gallery is filled with photos from past projects and the region.

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