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It is the time and effort contributions by our participants that make projects as memorable as they are. Below you will find a collection of videos from past participants and organizations/news outlets. We hope that through these video you can see the joy of both the participants and those they are serving. The hope, too, is that the videos communicate how valuable an experience travelling abroad can be.

Gabriela von Euw, participant of the 2nd Annual Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project, created a video to commemorate her time in Paraguay in July 2016.

A promotional video made for the upcoming Leda Project in Summer of 2016.

This video tells the story of a team of participants from Japan and the USA who, in September 2014, visited Leda and worked in the indigenous village of Esperanza. 

A short video from a participant’s perspective about the 1st Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project held in July, 2015. You can catch a sense of the land, people and experience at the Leda Settlement, the village of Esperanza and the capital city of Asuncion.

A participant's unique camera work captures a wide variety of images that portray the work, play, and sharing that took place in the international service project in July 2015.

This video shares from the perspective of the Unification Church Elders that pioneered the Leda Settlement. The video covers the history of the settlement, including a recent fish release that attracted the President of Paraguay and other leaders.


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