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Leda’s 2018 Special Campaign to buy a Boat

The remoteness of the Leda Settlement has been an advantage in keeping its environment pristine but for it to progress as a global model it needs to be more directly connected to metropolitan areas. The key means of transportation in the Pantanal wetlands zone is by boat. Currently, only slow and limited boat service is available and is not adequate. A purchase of a new ferry boat for the transportation of food and passengers is essential for the settlements successful development.

The Leda Settlement is looking forward to making rapid progress in 2018 and achieving noteworthy accomplishments. While we move forward, it is important to reflect that it is 18 years since we received the sacred mission from True Parents to defend to the death the Leda area as it is “the protection place of Godʼs Kingdom of Heaven.” Over the years many have invested their heart and soul into fulfilling this special mission and have made a foundation for the current and anticipated advances.

Today at the Leda Settlement you can see the great advances made in agriculture, fish farming and in creating a model of sustainable development. Additionally, the community has actively served the indigenous people in various ways while taking on challenges that will improve the environment and serve in eradicating hunger.

While Japan has taken responsibility for the construction of a Leda Hotel those in North America have be asked to take responsibility for purchasing a boat. To help secure the victory of the Leda providence, which is the final settlement of the ocean providence, we hope that you will give a maximum gift to Heaven from North America. In line with this, we are heartily asking for your cooperation. Letʼs make Godʼs dwelling place, Leda, a land of hope for many people as we advance toward building a peaceful ideal world. (We hope TM names the boat)

Goal: $500,000 Suggested donation is $1,000 or more per family.

Donorsʼ names will be engraved on a commemorative plaque on the boat in gratitude for your important support.

Schedule: July 2018 start of boat construction; completion January 2020

Checks should be payable to HSA-UWC

Send to: SNA-SDWP P.O.BOX 45 Fort Lee, NJ 07024-9998

If you would like to pay by credit card, please visit

( Provide Receipt for Tax Exampt )

South & North America Sustainable Development for World Peace USA

Contact: Y. Takahashi Email:

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