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Getting Ready for the 4th Pathways to a Sustainable Future

Before you know it, on July 1 - July 16, 2018 the 4th Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project will be taking place. On the staff side of things, we are looking to build on the foundation of the past three years and create a dynamic project for each of our local, national and international participants.

Those who have joined on one of the past projects knows how life-enriching it is to have an active experience with members of the local community. We are making plans with leader’s in the community of Olimpo and through a co-operative effort plan on creating a Peace Park. We see our time in Olimpo as being one where we build special relationships as well as contribute to creating a wonderful community space that will be well used and appreciated.

Each month developments are taking place at the Leda Settlement. Some cutting-edge work is being done in both fresh and salt water fish farming as well as with the agriculture. During our time in Leda we will see and experience a piece of the vision that True Parent’s have shared. We will contribute to the goal of creating a model of sustainable development and provide a helpful in the goal of eradicating world hunger.

Leda’s natural environment presents many opportunities for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and horseback riding, as well as quiet time to watch a wide variety of birds and breathtaking sunsets over the Paraguay River. For a better understanding of the project and the breakthrough work being done at the Leda Settlement, please look at our website:

We look forward to updating you on the 4th Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project and if you want additional information feel free to contact me at:


Rev. John W. Gehring

International Project Director

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