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3rd Pathways to a Sustainable Future: Day 10 - 11

Leaving the town of Bahia Negra was a bittersweet moment for all of us. On the morning of the 10th day, we loaded up the speed boats and travelled through the Paraguay River. We made a quick visit to Esperanza, one of the indigenous villages the first year participants worked with. We had the chance to meet the students and teachers from the local school and even see the mural the original team created. After about 2 hours of travelling on the boat, we’ve finally reached Leda. Welcomed by Mr. Nakata, the President of S.N.A.S.D.W.P as well as other Japanese pioneers and local workers, the participants were filled with overwhelming emotions to see the vast beauty and development of the land. After a delicious lunch, we went on a tour around the Leda Settlement. Mr. Nakata showed us around Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s home, the Guest House, the fish farms, the fish incubation room, the capybara cage, and we even got to feed the Pacu fish kept in the farms. Later that evening, Mr. Sano, the Vice President of S.N.A.S.D.W.P gave us a presentation introducing the history and development of the Leda Settlement. On the 11th day, we began the morning with a lecture given by Mr. Sano. He explained to us about Rev. Moon’s Providence in South American and the many developments he has established all around the different countries. Afterwards, we were taken on the second half of the tour where we got to see Leda’s Police Station, the taro farms where Mr. Nakata explained the multifaceted significance behind the plant, and the pig farm. Participants seemed to especially enjoy feeding the pigs and holding the piglets. Once we filled ourselves with lunch, we prepared to catch the Pacu from the farm. Each participant held on to the net and swam across the water to collect the fish by the shore. Although everybody swam at different rates and the net seemed unbalanced, we caught a total of 80 Pacus. We brought the fish to the cutting tables and participants learned how to cut and gut out the insides. They seemed frightened at first but soon enough, they’ve become masters. Although it was a busy day, everyone enjoyed the experience. It has only been a day so far here at Leda but it seems like we’ve been here for an even longer time.

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