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3rd Pathways to a Sustainable Future: Day 4 - June 27, 2017

What a jam-packed day today was! We spent a great day learning deeply about the cultural significance and the historical upbringings behind the Mennonite colony of Loma Plata. As we began the morning with an early breakfast, we first made our way to Frigo Chorti, the local slaughter house owned by the Mennonites. Participants took a tour around the factory and even got to observe the process after the cattle get slaughtered. They were especially impressed at learning how the Mennonites use every single part of the cow for the creation of various products and they don’t waste anything. Many participants were very intrigued by this experience and showed a lot of interest throughout the tour. Afterwards, we visited a local museum where we learned about the history behind the colony and how they grew their settlement in Paraguay. The participants were intrigued to see the many precious documents and artifacts from back when the Mennonites first arrived and were impressed to learn about the sustainable community that they established. As participants learned more about the historical upbringings behind the Mennonites, they felt a deep connection with the hardships that they endured in order to practice their life of faith freely. As we reflected about the day, Uncle John pointed out that the Mennonites have created what Unificationists call a “Kingdom of Heaven on Earth,” and we have a lot to learn from their community. As we concluded the day, we ate dinner at a local Chinese restaurant where participants enjoyed a hefty meal with each other.

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