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Day 9 & 10: The Conclusion is Near

Well, the 7-hour bus ride was definitely an experience. And the Parque dal Aves (Bird Park) and Iguazu Falls were amazing experiences. The Bird Park is home to a wide variety of tropical and exotic birds common to South American and especially to the Pantanal. It was created by someone who obviously held a deep love and appreciation for natural beauty. Iguazu Falls, which is made up of more than 280 waterfalls, is truly the reflection of God's power, magnificence and splendor . Everywhere we turned the mist above the water sprayed rainbows across our view. What a joy-filled and fantastic day! Our hotel room was a much-appreciated sight. Everyone had a good night’s sleep to prepare for the last full day of our tour. Today, our final day, included a meaningful visit to the Jesuit Ruins in Trinidad, Paraguay which, together with Iguazu Falls, is another of the UNESCO world heritage sights. There we learned of yet another earlier effort to establish a utopian, Christ-centered community by the Jesuit missions in 1709.

We headed back to Asuncion and concluded the evening and out trip with a comforting meal at a Japanese restaurant. Stay tuned for my concluding blog entry when we return home.


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