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Day 8: Garden of Jardim

The ministers learned through presentations given by local church representatives that Jardim and the surrounding area is a very historical place. Jardim, like Leda, is a place where the creation remains basically untouched, pristine and much like the original Garden of Eden. In the afternoon, to our surprise, we discovered that our visit to Jardim coincided with Brazil's Peace Road event and our group added to the international flavor of the event. After the local mayor gave a very supportive speech, the Revs. Michael and Zena Sykes greeted him and the favorable crowd with shouts of “Aloha!” and words of encouragement. Rev. Michael told the crowd, "As you cycle for peace through Brazil today, don't stop at its borders but ride to the four corners of the earth giving a message of freedom and peace for all of humanity." Bicycles then took off on their 5-kilometer trek. The minister joined the group for their closing songs and photos, and then we headed out on an overnight bus ride to the border town of Ciudad del Este.


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