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Day 7: Welcome Respite

There was a golden sunrise over the river on this final day here in the Panatanal. However, we could never leave Leda without at least one day of fishing. I regret to say I have no photos of the Revs. Michael and Kerry’s fish though they outfished the women’s boat. Separate boats were taken so that the ladies’ desire to horseback-ride could be scheduled in before our departure as we moved on to our next stop in Jardim, Brazil.

Staying with tradition, the two minister couples planted trees on the Leda property. Then, carrying a lunch to be eaten on the boat, we left the shore waving goodbye to our extraordinary hosts.

Our boat ride to Martinho, Brazil provided serene scenes of cranes sailing across the marsh among other typical views on our river journey. Four hours down the river, a bus was waiting on the Brazil shore to take us to the city of Jardim, where we will hear about Rev. Moon’s (the founder of the Unification movement) activities and vision in developing the Jardim International Family Workshop site.


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