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Day 6: Time is flying by...

Time seems to be flying by quickly. Again, following reading, prayer and breakfast, we were guided by Mr. Sano to board the boat to travel to the indigenous villages of Diana, Bahia Negra and Esperanza. In each location the ministers greeted the village directors, and met with the school children. Songs were sung, taught and exchanged. And Rev. Sykes addressed the children, encouraging them to study hard so that they can someday do well in the world. Gifts were offered to the schools and to the elders.

The boat ride offered us a scenic view of the river and the pristine beauty of the foliage. The sunset left the rippling river waters washed in hues of blues, purples, and reds.

Dinner was a welcome sight after the long day on the water, and the evening concluded with more sharing and a small farewell ceremony of gratitude expressed and the giving of the Hawaiian shell leis – “the circle of love”.


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