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Day 5: The Leda Settlement

Our morning began with a time of spiritual reading and prayer, then breakfast and a quick run over to the cow barn for a " sample experience" of milking the cows. With a bit of practice the technique was perfected.

Mr. Sano, our beloved brother and guide, gave a morning presentation on the history of the Leda project and its development, then took us on a short tour of Rev. Moon's residence, which he explained was furnished completely by donated pieces of furniture from each of the international missionaries' nations, thus representing the entire world.

In the afternoon, Mr. Nakata completed the tour of the entire property including stops at the taro fields, the fish farm, fish insemination and incubation facilities, the police station and the House of the Capybara. The tour ended on a remote section of the forest where each of the minister couples managed to fell a tree with an axe. With a feeling of great accomplishment , the group returned to their homes to rest before dinner.

Rev. Michael and Zena Sykes blessed the group with two songs and the sharing of their testimonies after dinner. They also shared their activities of teaching ministers and other religious leaders about the need to strengthen families and communities through the marriage blessing. The Leda staff was uplifted and encouraged by the evening's sharing.

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