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Day 4: Arrival in Puerto Leda

The 5-hour boat ride to Puerto Leda was an enjoyable trip. Our group rose early to board a small speed boat which we packed high with our luggage. The Pantanal is radiant and serene in the morning hours, as birds flap their wings, gliding and soaring over the Paraguay River waters. We traveled first to Fuerte Olimpo where we visited the place Rev. Moon gave the first direction to build the Leda Settlement. We took a few minutes to offer prayers for the unity of North and South America in front of the Catholic Church which stands overlooking the city and the Paraguay River. Fuerte Olimpo was also the place of the last "International Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project," so we viewed and appreciated the participants hard work.

Following another two-and-a-half hours of travel up the river, we finally reached our destination. We were welcomed with smiles and handshakes by the staff, and then feasted on a luncheon spread of all organic, locally raised fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. After such a long journey, we took time to relax, swim and shower . Some of the original pioneers shared their stories and history in the evening before we headed off to sleep.


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