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Day 3: Milk, Meat, and Rain

The morning began with our group gathering for a delightful breakfast and cheerful conversation, after which we set off to meet with our Mennonite guide who explained the Mennonite history and the structure of the local cooperative government. This social structure has been a great inspiration to the Leda settlers, as well as to the visiting ministers.

We also toured the museum, milk processing factory, slaughterhouse and rain water capture system, which amply facilitates the operation of the slaughterhouse. Clifford, our guide, explained that the motto of the Mennonite cooperative is “Achieving more Together”, and rightfully so – the accomplishments of this religious group over the past 80 years are truly inspiring.

Again, just like the day before, following a good meal, our small team gathered back into the car for yet another journey over the often bumpy Chaco road to our next destination Vellemi, where we will take a boat for a quick stop in Puerto Olimpo and then our final destination Puerto Leda.


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