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Day 2: What A Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful Sunday in Paraguay! Our small group arrived to the warm and welcoming FFWPU Church of Asuncion where the Revs. Michael and Zena Sykes were guest speakers. The service opened with Rev. Zena offering a beautiful rendition of “I am a Friend of God” in English, Spanish and Korean, which set the tone for Rev. Michael Sykes’ moving, profound and humorous testimony about his calling to support the ministry of Rev. Moon, a ministry that works to unify the religions of the world and build strong families and communities. He shared about how his life was revolutionized during an 11-day stay in Korea, and ultimately when he received the marriage blessing over two years ago.

The service was closed with the visiting ministers presenting Hawaiian shell leis to church leaders. This was followed by lunch, which was alive with conversation and sharing of stories and testimonies. Finally, the ministers bid farewell to the church community and, with Mr. Sano as our faithful leader, we set out on a seven-hour van ride to Loma Plata, the original Mennonite settlement.


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