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2nd Pathways to a Sustainable Future: Day 12 July 15th , 2016

Day 12

July 15th, 2016

Our last few moments here at Leda was spent either fishing or horseback riding in the morning. Some went out fishing for around 3 hours catching a total of over 10 fish. Some who didn't catch before was able to catch today! The majority of the fish that were caught were Parana's and then a few paco fish. The biggest one was around a foot in length.

There were only 3 horses that were ride-able so we took turns riding them up and down and around the ranch. They do have other horses roaming around the Leda Settlement however they aren't tamed yet. We got a chance to ride on our own and trot or gallop with the horses. There were also a lot of cows on the ranch. And the wild turkeys sounded like a choir singing together all at the same time in unison.

Before we left we wrote our names on wooden stands that will be placed in front of a tree that will be planted in Leda in remembrance of each one of us. We then gathered all our belongings and brought it by the river to be picked up by boat to travel 20 hours and catch a 9 hour bus ride to Asuncion where we started our journey. The boat would stop along the way to either pick up others or let people stop by the super market they have inside the boat which, for some, is the only access to fruits and vegetables and other foods. The boat was very tight and crowded with the supermarket and 6 rooms. The rooms were very small and had two bunk beds for four people. Since there wasn't enough rooms some slept on hammocks right outside the rooms in the small hall way.

For the rest of the evening we stayed outside on the boat talked, danced, and sang songs together late into the night. Eventually we all fell asleep where ever we found space and could fall asleep.

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