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2nd Pathways to a Sustainable Future: Day 11

Day 11: July 14, 2016

Our final day here in Leda! We started off our day watching the beautiful sunrise by the Paraguay River as we listened to one of our fellow participants from New Zealand give an inspiring morning service about cooperating in order to build a better future.

Our first activity in the morning was fishing! We each separated into four groups based on skill level to go fishing on the Paraguay River for pacu and parana fish. We went out for around 2 ½ hrs and caught 30+ fish! It was a great experience for us all. For some of us it was our first time fishing!

In the afternoon we went to the taro fields to pull out the taro roots to be able to be used in the kitchen! In small groups we worked together with shovels to dig around the big taro plant which can contain over 30 taro large and small. The taro plants grow in a paddy field (water field). We all got very muddy and dirty which was a lot of fun! Once we pulled out some taro plants and separated all the taro, we went to the river to wash all the dirt and extra roots attached to the taro.

To end our day, we gathered in small groups to discuss the future of Leda and our thoughts about Leda and Loma Plata Settlement.

We are now preparing to go back to Asuncion by boat and bus tomorrow late afternoon and arrive late afternoon on Saturday. It will be a long journey but it will give us time to digest our experiences more and be able to have fun together before we all depart our ways.

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