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2nd Pathways to a Sustainable Future: Day 2

Day 2: July 5th - Loma Plata

We started our day traveling 6 hours by bus to Loma Plata to visit the Mennonite

Settlement. When we arrived there, we were greeted by Patrick, one of the

members of the Mennonite Community who shared with us how the Mennonites

came to live in Paraguay and showed us their museum and factory where they

package milk into cartons. The Mennonites have been in Paraguay for 89 years.

They came fr

om Canada to avoid war and to create a community centered on

faith, honesty, and hard work. They didn’t feel much hope about the land they

were given in Paraguay. No one expected them to create packaging factories,

slaughterhouses, and a functioning community because of the environmental

factors. But through hard work and perseverance they were able to create a

sustainable community with, among other things, factories, running water,

hospitals, churches, and schools where they taught their beliefs of faith, honesty,

and hard work. It took a lot of patience but through their hard work and

determination they were able to create the community they have today. We have

a lot to learn and take away from the Mennonites.

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