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2nd Pathways of a Sustainable Future: Day 8

Today after a quick but inspiring morning service by one of the teams, we ate breakfast in Olimpo and then packed our belongings to travel to Leda. The brothers traveled by truck while the sisters went by boat. The boat ride was a little over 4 hours but was super chill and enjoyable. Everyone arrived at Leda by around 12:30 and were welcomed by a beautiful and welcoming property that would be our home for the following five days. It was a huge, super nice and clean building and it felt like a resort- definitely different than Olimpo. We put our backpacks down in our rooms. After “living out of a backpack” for the past 8 days we got the rest of our luggage back.

We were then brought to an amazing buffet style lunch. After lunch we were free to explore. A lot of us did laundry and then we all went swimming in the only pool in all of Alto Paraguay!! Next, we listened to an elaborate presentation by Mr. Sano about the history of Leda. He educated us about the various farming techniques in Leda as well as the many different types of food and animals that can be found here. Dinner followed with a delicious cake that was made for our arrival at the Leda Settlement. In the evening we were able to hear about the rich experiences of Mr. Nakata who was one of the pioneers of the Leda Project. We closed the day with our teams reflecting on our thoughts of today.

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