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2nd Pathways of a Sustainable Future: Day 6

Day 6: July 9th, 2016

Our main project today was to plant trees near one of the schools in the community here in Olimpo. We planted over 130 trees and to our surprise we were able to finish it all by lunch time with the help of the local community kids. They were eager to help and work together with us participants from all around the world. This was another great opportunity we had to connect with the youth here and give them hope and a lasting impression to help them in their future.

As well in the morning the mural team was able to finish up and complete their project for the San Miguel School which we were all really proud of!

After lunch we has some free time since we finished our work earlier than expected which we were all grateful for. Some of us played Frisbee, cards, guitar, or just relaxed and talked with one another. It was a great time to connect with each other. We then went on an outing to visit the local cathedral where we offered our prayers. Along the way we were able to see the beautiful sunset and appreciate each other’s company.

Today was a great day for all of us to learn more about the different parts of the community and also about each other before we head off to the Leda Settlement.

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