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2nd Pathways of a Sustainable Future: Day 5

Day 5: July 8th, 2016

Olimpo Service Project

Our project today was held at an elementary school where we were greeted by warm smiles from all the kids who were all lined up in two rows making a path way for us! We then split up into four groups for three different projects focused on the San Miguel Elementary School. The first group sanded down and playground and then painted it with new and bright colors. The second group sanded down the back walls of the school and the repainted it with new and more solid colors. The third group worked on creating a mural inside the schools main dining room. The fourth group planted 20 new trees for the school. We focused on these four projects all morning and some of the older kids who were helping yesterday with planting trees came to help and participate.

Working on these detailed projects was hard work but it brought all of us together as a group and as a community with the kids here in Olimpo. It was a great sight to see everyone working together, painting, and digging holes, sanding, and just laughing and having fun making memories with each other. We did finishing touches to all the projects after lunch and continued working. Once we were all complete we all finished by placing our handprints on the tree that was painted in the mural. Doing this brought everyone together and concluded our project at the San Miguel School. It was great to see everyone placing their hand prints to create and finish the mural.

Kids gathered with us to play soccer together and just spend some time with one another before it become too dark. Today was an eventful day with many projects, conversations, and memories made with the kids in the Olimpo community!

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