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Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project 2016

Refreshing reminders of Spring touch our senses and re-open a closet full of hopes and dreams. Such can be the magic of Spring, unique with growth and a life force so vital it breaks through the Earth, giving birth to flowers, fauna, and a colored carpet of beauty.

From my perspective, Spring also serves as a time for preparing for Summer. I like my Summers to be filled with international adventures, discovery, sharing, and the noises of activity. Summer is a time for living life to the fullest; for joy enriched; a time clustered with laughter and friendships, old and new. In preparation for Summer, I would like to offer my friends and future friends a chance to consider, prepare, and act on a great opportunity.

"Consider what?" you may be asking? Consider joining me and others from all parts of God’s good green Earth on our 2nd Pathways to a Sustainable Future project.

Below is a brief outline of what to expect.

Take a Pathway to Adventure: Serve and Discover The 2nd Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project, Paraguay, July 3-19

We are excited to announce that on July 3-19th the 2nd International Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project will take place in the Pantanal region of Paraguay. In response to the requests of participants and community members touched by the first project in July 2015, co-sponsors, the Universal Peace Federation and the South and North America Association for Sustainable Development and World Peace are yet again making a program full of promise available yet again, offering unique personal and group experiences.

The Upcoming Program

The participants joining this Summer’s project will be coming from throughout South America as well as the USA, Europe and Asia. International and local participants will work closely with local community members creating a unique cross-cultural environment, one rich in discovery. A substantial part of the program will take place in the community of Olimpo where participants will live, work and interact. Their outreach will include offering work service at a school and services to the local indigenous community. Participants will also gain hands on experience at the Leda Settlement – a sustainably developed community inspired by the vision and efforts of Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

About the Leda Settlement

The Leda Settlement is a community that has worked to put its beliefs into practice for nearly two decades. It strives to be a model of regional aquaculture and agricultural development that contributes to ending the crisis of world hunger. Participants will learn about the challenges the pioneers at the community have faced over the past two decades. Many opportunities will be available to enjoy the natural beauty of the region through fishing, horseback riding and hiking.

Volunteer Projects

Since 2001, the Leda Settlement has been hosting teams of international volunteers that have been active working and sharing with the local indigenous communities. The volunteer teams together with Leda residents have helped build and repair four schools, plant numerous trees, and donate a wide variety of clothing and school materials for the residents. The upcoming project recognizes the need for healthy sustainability as a global quest and encourages young adults from all nations to join.

Local Indigenous Villages

Life in the region’s indigenous villages offers a chance to understand how many of our world’s poorer citizens live. Participants may also share the ‘opportunity’ to function without running water or electricity and discover that what the communities lack in amenities they make up for in exceptionally warm and giving hearts.

Activities in Asuncion

Participants will arrive for an orientation in the capital city of Asuncion and return there in the closing days of the program. While in Asuncion, opportunities will be provided to meet and share with local citizens, build friendships as well as experience the rich culture of Paraguay.

How to Be a Participant

All potential participants will need to submit an application and two recommendations to be considered for participation. The application and further information can be found on our Upcoming Projects page. Expense for international travel to and from the local airport in Asuncion, Paraguay is the responsibility of participants. Beyond this, a participant fee of $950 is required to cover domestic transportation, housing, food and program expenses.


It is recommended that participants be 18-30 years of age. All volunteers must be in good health and willing and able to do physical work, while also being willing to live in humble circumstances at times. The primary language of the project will be English but some Spanish translation will be made available. Participants should be motivated by a desire to contribute to society through working together as a global community. This program is open to people of all faiths and is alcohol- and drug- free. Men and women are expected to honor and care for each other as well as all those persons whom they come in contact with.

We look forward to seeing you at the next project!

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