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Senior Eco-Service Tour

Senior Eco-Service Tour


This year's Senior Eco-Service Tour will be taking place from July 13 - July 24. 


The program’s participants will have the opportunity to learn about the history of Paraguay in the capital city of Asuncion.  A stop will be made in Loma Plata, a Mennonite Settlement to study its establishment, structure and development as a thriving community. Once the group arrives in the region of Alto Paraguay, participants will visit one of the indigenous villages and socialize with its children and adult community members for one day. Participants will spend one week in Leda where they will experience daily life at the Leda Settlement. Upon our return to the capital, an optional side trip can be made to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, the spectacular Iguazu Falls. 


While staying at the Leda Settlement, participants will provide work services and gain insights and experiences with aquaculture, agriculture, animal husbandry and tree plantations.  Many opportunities will be available to enjoy the natural beauty of the region through fishing, horseback riding and hiking.


The indigenous villages are without running water or electricity, yet the warmth of the local residents makes up for any inconvenience one might experience. The experiences of working and sharing with the villagers are always life-enriching for everyone involved.


Participants will first arrive for a short orientation in the capital city of Asuncion and finally return there in the closing days of the program.  The activities in the capital will provide opportunities to meet and share with our local Family Federation members, build friendships, and provide invaluable experiences the rich culture of Paraguay. 




Seniors 55+



Applicants of all backgrounds are welcome to apply.


Keep in Mind

All volunteers must be in good health and willing to do physical work. The primary language of the project will be English but some Spanish translation will be made available. Participants should be motivated by a desire to contribute to society and work together as a global community. This initial program is open to only FFWPU members at this time and is alcohol and drug free. Men and women are expected to act respectably with each other and with all those who they come in contact with.

Deadlines and Important Dates

14 December 2015: Registration Opens


15 April 2016: Registration Closes*




*Space is limited 15 participants. Registration will remain open until all spaces are filled.


The international travel to the program orientation in Asuncion, Paraguay is the responsibility of participants. To cover domestic transportation, housing, food and program expenses, a participant fee of $1100 is required. An optional trip to Iguazu Falls will cost an additional $200. If the decision to attend the side trip to Iguazu Falls is made, arrange to leave by August 2nd. 


*Please indicate in your registration email whether you are interested in attending the option trip to Iguazu Falls.


Questions regarding application or program specifics can be sent via contact form below or  our Contact Us page. Otherwise, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.


Registration requests should be sent to Carol Pobanz at A visa is required for travel to Paraguay and can be obtained at the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Pargaguay. Typical turnaround for visas is one business day. For additional information, visit the U.S. Department of State US Passports and International Travel page here.

Come Experience Paraguay!

​Any questions or comments are encouraged and appreciated. Any question(s) for a specific representative can be sent directly to them. Their email addresses can be found on our Contact Us page.


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