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There are several groups and organizations that the Leda Settlement and our sustainability programs collaborate with to realize the vision and mission of both the Leda Settlement and sustainability programs.


Collaboration ranges from fostering relationships with Menonnites to seeking out assistance from the Paraguayian government. 


Below are a few of those collaborators.

The National University of Asuncion and the Leda Settlement have been working together in developing a variety of techniques in aquaculture. The University has been an especially vital contributor in the insemination and incubation of various species of fish fry.  Currently, the Leda Settlement is the top producer of fish raised through aquaculture on the Paraguay River.

Paraguyan Police and Navy

Among the first relationships that the Leda Settlement secured is that with the Paraguay Police and the Paraguay Navy.  Both the navy facility and the police facility located at Puerta Leda were in great need of repair when the Leda settlers arrived in 1999.  Soon after the settlers arrived, they assisted in the repairs and construction of new facilities for the police and navy.  This relationship has grown over the years as Puerta Leda is located at a strategic point near the Brazil and Bolivian borders.

Universal Peace Foundation (UPF)

The Universal Peace Federation has made advances in healthy sustainable development one of its primary challenges.  The UPF is a prime mover in implementing the “Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project” hosted by the Leda Settlement.  This unique program brings together volunteers from five continents to work, serve and discover while living in an indigenous community in the underdeveloped Chaco region.

The Women’s Federation for World Peace - Paraguay has actively worked with the Leda Settlement in its efforts to improve the education facilities, teaching and supportive programs aimed at helping indigenous villages in Alto Paraguay.  


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