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Stay up to date with news and updates. The section below is created so that you might read about some of the areas that our organization has received recognition for. Additionally, you will find updates about current projects and information that we wish to share with our visitors.

Latest News from SNA-SDWP

Open Enrollment for 3rd Annual Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project

This summer from June 24th – July 11th the 3rd Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project will take place.  To apply, please click the above title or visit our "Upcoming Projects" page. We look forward to receiving your application. 

Generation Peace Academy visits Leda and surrounding communities

In early March of 2017 GPA, or the Generation Peace Academy, visited Leda with a team of over twenty volunteers. While there they learned about the history and activities taking place in the region and they took the opportunity to visit and have a cultural exchange with local villagers.

Take a Pathway to Adventure and Discovery

An affiliate website advertises and encourages readers to join the upcoming Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project in Summer 2015.

Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project: Leda, Paraguay

The 1st Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and South & North America Sustainable Development World Peace USA Corporation,  co sponsored a project: “Pathways to a Sustainable Future” . The project was held in Paraguay from July 6 through July 21, with 36 volunteers representing 11 nations.

April Meeting 

In April, the international board of the NSA-SDWP will meet in Leda. This will provide time to further develop our short and long term plans for economic sustainability and help chart a course for the future.

Applications being accepted for PSFP 2016

Applications for the UPF “Pathways for a Sustainable Future” on July 3-19th, 2016 are now being accepted. The application can be found on the Upcoming Projects section of this website along with an explanation of the project.

First Senior Eco-Service Tour now open

Applications of the first Senior Eco-Service Tour on July 23 – 31, 2016, are now being accepted. Please visit the Get Involved section of this website to read more and download an application.   

Volunteers from 11 Countries Have Rich Experience in the Chamacoco

A group of 36 young people from eleven countries in Europe and the Americas performed volunteer work and exchange of experiences in the area Puerto Esperanza, Alto Paraguay, with Chamacoco community.

News and Press

The Latest from the SNA-SDWP

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