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Protect Our Future and the World We Live In: Join Our Efforts Today!


Becoming a member of the South and North Association for Sustainable Development and World Peace (SNA-SDWP) is easy and it is a meaningful way to make a positive difference.


As members of the SNA-SDWP, we are actively working to secure and develop a model for sustainable living in the Pantanal region of South America. We have made a particular investment in creatively developing the expansive Leda Settlement.


The Leda Settlement thrives in one of the most environmentally pristine locations in the world. The region contains over 300 mammals and possibly the largest diversity of birds and fish in the world. Our organization is striving to make possible a healthy future for both people and the creatures that make this region their home. 


We are contributing to the development of aquaculture projects and the planting of environmentally friendly tree plantations, as well as the establishment of education programs and eco-tours aimed at raising awareness of the value of sustainable living. Your membership will help us be more effective in this work.


Please consider becoming a member of SNA-SDWP and together we will find ways for us and future generations, to travel a pathway toward sustainable development.


Benefits of Membership

With your membership you will receive a monthly newsletter in addition to notification about upcoming projects.


Membership application

Our application can be found here.  You can download the application and, after completing it, email it to our organization's email address  Our annual membership fee is $70 and payment can be made on this website through our donation page. When paying the membership fee, please state this in the space provided below "Leave us a message".

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