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Since 2001, the Leda Settlement has annually welcomed international teams of volunteers to the Chaco region of Paraguay to experience firsthand the wonders of this unique region. These volunteers have contributed much to local indigenous communities, as well as gaining insight into the work being done on the settlement.  Recently the settlement has hosted Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project (PSFP) with the cooperation of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF).  These services and education programs are aimed at building a growing awareness of the issues surrounding sustainable development. Joining a project is one way to get involved.


Extended Visits: Individuals and small teams of people have spent extended periods of time at the Leda Settlement to learn and to serve. Some have focused on learning and contributing in the areas of agriculture, aquaculture, eco-tourism, education, health service and sustainability.   


Be part of the Team: Annual membership is one way to become involved and informed about the work being done at the Leda Settlement.  Membership forms are located on our membership page. Members will receive a monthly newsletter and updates about our activities and projects.

With your donations we can continue to fund projects and realize our goals in the Chaco region.

Join us. Projects are held and applications are accepted annually. Check out our upcoming projects.

Stay up-to-date with our blog, which is updated frequently during projects.

Stay in touch with us through our facebook and other social media.

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