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Leda Project 2023

July 14-30, 2023

Make Friends, offer service, have fun and engage in cultural exchanges. Discover the Original beauty and mystery of nature.   

Sponsored by the International Relief and Friendship Foundation (IRFF) and the Leda Group.

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Join Us on a Journey of Discovery 

Learn insights into the Divine Principle and wisdom from various spiritual traditions. With the local indigenous people create a sustainable future and help end hunger.  

Program Details

Age range for this program: 18 and Up

Program dates

July 14 - 30


We meet in Asuncion Paraguay and travel in-country.

Program Cost

$ 1,000 

(covers program, meals and local travel)

"We need to have a heart that knows how to love nature and love people"

Program Highlights

Visit beautiful Iguazu falls, and live and work in local Indigenous villages.  

 Discover the Leda Settlement and local agriculture and aqua-cultural.  See the Pantanal wilderness, fisheries, wildlife, and 600 bird species. Enjoy meeting and sharing with the Family Federation in Asuncion.  In the local village of Christo, plant trees, expand the Guarani Education Center, and enjoy sports and cultural sharing. 

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